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HMRC to resume talks / negotiations with PCS

HMRC's Jobs and staffing campaign talks have come to an abrupt end, with the employer walking away from negotiations. PCS members have postponed any further action towards the employer to allow these negotiations to be successful. PCS ask that HMRC reconsider its decision and resume participation in discussions about the jobs and staffing campaign.

Why is this important?

Three weeks in to a four-week programme of detailed, and so far productive, negotiations intended to resolve the four-month HMRC jobs and staffing campaign was ended by the employer on 29 October. HMRC decided to walk away from negotiations. We feel their determination to marginalise PCS clearly trumps their willingness to settle this dispute for the good of the job holders. We need to be involved in negotiations to achieve best deal for our members.



2014-11-06 16:34:48 +0000

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