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To: The Home Secretary and Theresa May, Prime Minister

Let Satheesh Sankara Gounder stay in the UK

Let Satheesh Sankara Gounder stay in the UK

Allow Satheesh Sankara Gounder, director of Dover Physiotherapy Clinic to remain in the UK thereby supplying his wonderful physiotherapy skills, keeping his employee from unemployment, and maintaining the taxes and business rates he pays into this country.

Why is this important?

The Home Office have refused to extend the visa of Dover's only private physiotherapist, the best we have ever had, on the grounds that he cannot prove investment of minimum £50,000 in the UK and because he has been unable to employ a second full-time member of staff. He and his accountant have submitted proof that he has invested, and he has advertised continually for the past two years trying to find a second physiotherapist. None want to come and work in SE England, preferring London and its big money.

Had this physio chosen to work in London a second physio would have been easy to find and his visa would have been certain once the investment issue was resolved. But he chose to fill the gaping hole in physiotherapy treatment in Dover and has been punished for it. The Home Office have ignored the evidence of his employee search. His receptionist now faces unemployment, the taxes and business taxes he pays will be lost to the country, and Dover will be deprived of private physiotherapy cover.

His contracts with 24 insurance companies, Sussex Police and The Department of Work and Pensions in Hastings, another physiotherapy deprived area where he holds a weekly clinic, will have to get by without him if the decision is not rescinded. We have a government, it appears, that do not care about the physiotherapy needs of Dover where the NHS is already unable to cope in this field.

Dover's MP is supportive and fighting the physio's case with the Home Office but publicity and more letters of support to the Home Office are needed. This petition seeks to ensure Satheesh can continue to provide his wonderful skills to Dover and its surrounding area.

Dover, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • Having used the service provided by Satheesh, I can say that he is a caring person and dedicated to his profession. He’s obviously worked hard to get where he is, only to have the rug pulled from under him.
  • Ridiculous, one physio in Dover, done all the right things, this government home office want him gone, shame on you May.
  • Because of his contribution to the local cal comunity and the country as a whole.


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