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To: Barnet Council, Mathew Offord and Boris Johnson

Homes Before Profit

Homes Before Profit

Ensure the following:
1) That all 'non-secure' tenants be granted 'secure or flexible' tenancies
2) The right for all members of the community (irrespective of type of tenure) to remain and be rehoused on the W.Hendon estate
3) A Freedom of Information Request to see a copy of the developers Viability Report that clearly documents their need to lower the % of social housing on the estate
4) That IF the viability report proves that it is not viable to maintain the current level of social housing on the new development that any member of the community that must leave the estate be housed as close to their support networks in W.Hendon as possible AND be given a 'secure tenancy'.

Why is this important?

Our West Hendon are a group of concerned residents on the West Hendon Estate that believe that the developments taking place benefit private developers at the expense of our community. We fear the development is going to force many people from our community out of the estate and possibly out of London. We are therefore making the following demands of Barnet Council, Barnet Homes, Barratt and Metropolitan Housing Association.

West Hendon

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