To: Social Workers who are not members of The College of Social Work

How many social workers does it take to save a College of Social Work?

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UPDATE 24/06/2015 6pm.
You are still welcome to sign this Pledge to join the College of Social Work (TCSW)

But in this fast evolving response we have set up a 1 minute 3 question survey that we would like you to sign if you would have been eligible to join the College of Social work.

Please tell your friends and colleagues to have their say about the future.
Please tweet/share/email/phone/talk
1 minute 3 question survey - have your say about the future
The College of Social Workers (TCSW) announced its closure due to poor take up of membership and government funding ending suddenly. TCSW said it was 14,529 social workers short of break-even.

If you would be willing to become a member, to save TCSW as an independent voice for social work, then pledge to join now. Please do not sign if you are not a social worker or student social worker.

If 15,000 social workers who are not currently members sign the pledge by Thursday morning, I will ask TCSW to look again at the closure decision.

This is a grass-roots campaign, I'm not connected to TCSW in any way. I accept that there are issues that need to be addressed to improve the accountability of TCSW to its membership. I will leave more knowledgable people than me to discuss how. But there will be no discussion without a College.

We might not be able to change a light bulb - but are you willing to pledge to save a College?
Spread the word #howmanysocialworkers

Why is this important?

I believe it's wrong to allow the Government the ultimate control of silencing TCSW to prevent it giving a message that could be out of step with the privatisation agenda.
I want to protect a resource that is beginning to gain power as an advocate for Social Workers, best practice and safe policy.

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Reasons for signing

  • We need this resource
  • Let's not silence the voice of Social Workers who work to protect the most vulnerable people in society.
  • I'm already a member but hope that other social workers will consider joining to save TCSW


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