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To: Western Sussex NHS Trust

Huge price rise to park at work or forced park and ride!!

Not increase the cost of parking or force staff to use park and ride.

Why is this important?

I think there isn’t a person in this country that feels the latest pay deal we received was in anyway adequate and this was following a pay freeze for several years. Now to add insult to this our trust has decided to massively increase the cost for staff to park onsite using the cloak of “being green” as a reason. The alternative to parking onsite is a park and ride based in Fontwell - for many of us if we used this system would actually be travelling further every day - how green is that?? Also this would add a significant amount of time to an already long and arduous day.
Western Sussex NHS Trust Employees

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2018-09-15 14:13:33 +0100

I have a meeting with the communications dept on Monday to discuss our grievance and organise a meeting with the Trust responsible for the new parking plans.

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