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To: Tameside Council

Hyde Library

Hyde Library

Save the original library building on Union Street in Hyde and re-use it for a purpose suitable. Save the building and its architectural features from demolition.

Why is this important?

Hyde has lost many of its iconic public buildings recently and in the past. As a matter of local heritage, identity and community pride it is essential that some key buildings are saved, Hyde library most definitely falls into this category.


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Reasons for signing

  • We are losing too many historical buildings and replacing them with characterless architecture which will not last. We should be guardians of our history, not destroyers of it.
  • I have signed this petition because Hyde Libary is a very historic building and holds a very special place in my and many others hearts. The very thought Tameside Council are looking to demolish this building is criminal and not in the best interests of the people of Hyde, this building could be of benefit to all local people, a community hub maybe?, there are many practical uses, but just like with the old Hyde cinema Tameside council are again making the wrong decision
  • This is an iconic and beautiful building and a place I used weekly as a child and from where I got my love of reading.


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