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To: Alex Hynes (Northern Rail CEO)

Improve the services provided by Northern Rail

Stop using 'pacer trains' and convert all lines to fully electric lines by the end of 2015

Lower rail fares so that we are getting what we are paying for - currently we are paying too much for a poor service

Improve customer service so customers have an accurate account for any delays, and what they are doing about it

Why is this important?

To improve the quality of the North's rail lines, by encouraging the main rail service to improve its quality of service, so people in the north of England don't feel neglected.
This will also encourage more people to use the train.

More people want a reliable rail service, so commuting between cities should be more comfortable and reliable

How it will be delivered

Email all signatures and deliver them in person, with any supporters who want to come

Northern England

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2015-05-12 12:34:14 +0100

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