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EPWORTH Inappropriate speed and driving

EPWORTH Inappropriate speed and driving

Reduce speed limit in residential lanes and monitor dangerous and inappropriate driving and speeding in the village. Nucance driving needs to stop.

Why is this important?

After trying to talk to drivers that are driving at inconsiderate speed it has been really difficult to get resolution. My puppy Puddles was hit outside our house at eight months old and a few years ago our family cat Millie was killed. As recently as last week my mother was almost hit by a driver who was enjoying his motor vehicle too much to care that he could kill someone. It is important to keep these roads safe for our children and pets. These dangers are increasing in the area and specifically Hollingsworth Lane is being used like it's the M1. This little residential lane was not designed for high traffic and inconsiderate drivers. Houses on one side of the road have no kerbside which makes it even more unsafe for residents and their families. Let's keep eachother safe. Please sign this petition and share it.

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