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To: Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Include off-grid households in Government £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme.

We believe that households who live off-grid should qualify equally for the £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme.

The Government announced on 26th May 2022 that UK households will get at least £400 off their energy bills as the Energy Bills Support Scheme is being doubled and made into a one-off £400 grant. However, only households with a domestic electricity meter will qualify for this grant.

Many thousands of people in the UK live off-grid. They live in boats, caravans, vehicles, or on the land without mains services. Most of these households rely wholly or partly on diesel engines or generators, petrol generators, bottled LPG gas and solid fuel to heat and light their homes and to cook and heat water. They are just as affected by the rising price of energy as households with mains electricity.

We also believe that off-grid households must be included in the fund that was announced by the Prime Minister in Parliament on 8th September 2022 "so that all UK consumers can benefit from equivalent support."

Why is this important?

Rapid inflation in 2022 means that petrol and diesel prices have risen by almost 50% and bottled LPG by around 40% compared to 12 months ago. The wholesale cost of LPG has doubled in the past year. Those who have a mains electricity hook-up do not qualify for the grant because the supply to the marina or caravan site is commercial, not domestic. The cost of solid fuel started to increase around 12 months ago. Some are finding they simply cannot afford these price increases.

Most people who live off-grid are typically either working people on low incomes, or pensioners. Research* has shown that 51% of the liveaboard boater community were likely to have an annual income below £20,000, and 40% were likely to be earning minimum wage or less. The cost of living has increased much faster than wages. Some are having to rely on food banks and the generosity of others in the community.

People who live off grid may be able to use solar and wind power, but the amount of power renewables can generate if your home is a boat, vehicle or caravan is limited, especially in winter.

It is unfair to exclude these off grid, low income households from the support that is being offered to the rest of the UK population, even to the most wealthy.

*Research to identify impacts of British Waterways policy on boat dwellers without moorings, by Kennet and Avon Boating Community and similar research regarding the liveaboard boater community in London in 2011.

How it will be delivered

In person to the Secretary of State



2024-02-09 12:11:48 +0000

The group UK Boaters for Energy Justice has been formed, to campaign for all people living on boats inland across the UK to receive two Government energy bill support payments that provided a £600 discount off energy bills over winter 2022 to 2023

If you want to be involved in the campaign, please join the Whatsapp group here or contact [email protected]

2024-02-09 12:11:22 +0000

UK Boaters for Energy Justice - please sign new petition

Please sign and share the petition here

2024-02-09 12:10:43 +0000

More than 18 months on, many boat dwellers have still not been able to obtain the energy support payments which were promised to all households in the UK in 2022. Boat dwellers who legitimately have leisure moorings or 'high use' moorings, and boat dwellers without a permanent mooring on non-Canal & River Trust waterways, are still excluded.

2023-08-23 17:06:36 +0100

After great efforts of NBTA and others campaigning for the energy grant, many itinerant boat dwellers on Canal & River Trust (CRT) waterways can now get £600 each! You need to make sure that your contact details are correct with CRT by 28th August 2023. See

2023-06-25 20:28:13 +0100

2023-06-25 20:20:18 +0100

The petition was handed in to Number 10 Downing Street on 19th June! See

2023-06-14 20:20:58 +0100

Petition hand-in 19th June!

The petition will be handed in at 10 Downing Street on Monday 19th June 2023 at 1.30pm. All supporters are invited to join the Energy Grant Protest Flotilla members as they take our concerns to the Government. Please meet at 1pm outside the gates on the corner of Downing Street and Whitehall, London SW1A 2AA. If possible please let us know if you’re going – contact [email protected] or 0118 321 4128. Thank you.

2023-06-11 12:44:31 +0100

The energy grant protest flotilla has reached London

2023-05-31 20:07:57 +0100

The energy grant protest flotilla is on its way to London! Join them if you can, walking, cycling or on your boat. Find out more and see their itinerary here

2023-05-14 21:22:33 +0100

Protest flotilla!

A protest flotilla of boats from Braunston to London will set off on 22nd May 2023 in protest at the continued exclusion of itinerant boat dwellers and some others from receiving the Energy Bills Support Scheme grants, which the Government claims are for “every household” in the UK. The boats will travel for 3 hours per day, handing out leaflets and gathering petition signatures along the way. Join them at Braunston or along the way, on your boat, walking or cycling! They will be handing the petition in to the Government once they reach London. For more information, and to join the flotilla, see and

2023-05-14 21:17:10 +0100

The Energy Bills Support Scheme closes on 31st May 2023. Itinerant boat and caravan/ vehicle dwellers, and some liveaboards with moorings, are still excluded. Court cases are now under way. In the event of a successful claim, to get the grant we are being denied, it is advisable to have a screenshot or recording showing you have been rejected. Apply here or phone 0808 175 3287.

2023-03-30 19:45:44 +0100

Boat dwellers are now in the initial stages of judicial review proceedings against the Government regarding the continued exclusion from the Energy Bills Support Scheme. If you wish to take the Government to court, please contact the NBTA for a list of lawyers. Make sure that you keep a screenshot of the rejection message when the web form on fails your application. This is your “decision” for judicial review proceedings to take the Government to court. There's more information on

2023-02-28 20:41:55 +0000

Energy Bills Support Scheme-Alternative Funding -
Guidance to Live-aboards with Moorings and Itinerant Boat-Dwellers for Making Applications here

2023-02-28 20:40:39 +0000

In spite of extensive efforts by all boater organisations, and even by Canal & River Trust, to get the Minster and senior Government officials in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (now called Energy Security and Net Zero) to include itinerant boat dwellers in the scheme, we have been specifically excluded. Also excluded are itinerant vehicle and caravan dwellers. The Government web page for the scheme says that the grant is “under review” for both communities, but there is no information on the reasons for the review or how long it will take. More information here

2023-02-20 12:14:54 +0000

Energy grant campaign online/phone meeting 22nd February

The only way our community will get the grant is if we campaign for it. The next energy grant campaign meeting will be on Wednesday February 22nd at 7pm. The meeting is online or by phone to maximise participation. Here are the joining details:

Alternatively, you can phone this number:

0330 808 1706 and key in the PIN number 45925961#