To: Cllr. Barry Durkin - (Cabinet Member for Transport & Regulatory Services)

Increase Street Parking Times in Hereford

Increase Street Parking Times in Hereford

We need more time!

Please Please increase the parking times for on street parking. There are some streets that now only allow a mere 30 mins for parking! What can you do in just 30 minutes?

The local people who have signed this petition are requesting an increase in parking times.

Please change these times to a minimum of 2 HOURS.

2 hours would allow enough time to pick up our local groceries and shopping, grab a light snack or coffee with a family member or friend and also allow time for the all important visits to the bank or have a hair cut.

Why is this important?

Since the introduction of parking meters in Hereford city centre recently, there has been a dramatic drop in footfall and this is having a huge impact on retailers and businesses in general but it is our smaller local independent traders that appear to be suffering the most.

The last thing we need in Hereford right now is more empty shops and more people out of work.

Please reconsider increasing the parking times in Hereford, you know it makes sense.


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Reasons for signing

  • I have noticed how quite the roads and pathways are since the introduction of on street parking. The diversity of the independent shops on st Owens and church lane and the shops and restaurants on the way to left bank must be allowed to flourish and not be crushed by this ill thought out parking plan. It has certainly stopped me just popping in.
  • To support local traders, there are far too many empty shops already and I have noticed how quiet things are.
  • Supporting our local independent quarter in Hereford.


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I have today emailed my letter of appeal directly to Cllr. Barry Durkin (Cabinet Member for Transport & Regulatory Services) his email address is -

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