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To: Ofsted

Independent review for families

Independent review for families

An independent review for the families wrongly accused by the social workers on allegations only.

Why is this important?

There is an independent review in Norfolk by Ofstead on behalf of 130 foster carers who on allegations only by the social workers had the children they cared for taken away. We the families in our thousands also wrongly accused are demanding an independent review so that the children screaming to be heard and the families can have justice equal to the foster carers.

Reasons for signing

  • accountability is in every one's interest- and even the head of the Family courts is call for greater transparency. If a person is deceiving , it is abuse to believe them when there is significant reason or even available evidence of the dishonesty.
  • social workers need to be dropped a peg or two they rhink theyre invinsable. but not in all ways.its time an independant review was set up and the kids should have good contact by phone and laptop and visits till its sorted all the best keep fighting never give in xx
  • To wipe a tear from every child's face.


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