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To: Havering Council

Introduce a 20mph Limit for Dury Falls Estate

Dury Falls Estate is a network of narrow residential roads with very limited kerbside parking space. There have been growing concerns about the excessive speed of vehicles travelling through the estate which represents a serious hazard to both residents and road users. The introduction of a 20mph zone, as seen in other parts of the borough, would make the estate a safer place for motorists and residents alike.

Why is this important?

• A Reduction in speed levels will make a for a safer environment for residents and road users alike
• It will improve the character of the area and quality of life of all residents
• It will contribute towards a cleaner environment by reducing levels of noise and air pollution

In addition, as the estate has only one road in and out, the 20mph zone can be easily contained within a defined area.
London Borough of Havering

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