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To: Stephen Timms MP

Justice for Newham

Justice for Newham

We ask that the people of Newham be given a chance to choose candidates for the 2018 election through free and fair ballots.

We also ask for the suspension of activists fromlocal Council and Party activities to be reviewed.

We want democracy and fairness for our multicultural Borough- Newham.

Why is this important?

Following on from the controversial re-selection of Newham's Mayor Sir Robin Wales in December, those who campaigned for an open and fair election ask that the voice of Newham residents who want change is respected.

I am deeply concerned about the process that was used to automatically choose the incumbent, as the majority party candidate for the 2018 local election. This is particularly so as one individual has been in charge of the Borough since 1992. At the 2022/3 elections, Newham Borough will have been lead by one individual for 30 years. I am a young mother and I want my children to grow up seeing local politicians that are both representative of the local population but that change.

I am also concerned by a wave of suspensions of community activists from the Council and its associated bodies. I want my MP to consider that in local terms this represents a purge of those talented young activists who want to serve their community through a local democracy. I want a diverse range of people to be involved in local politics.

London Borough of Newham

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Reasons for signing

  • Who would argue about open, transparent democracy?
  • Undemocratic shafting needs to stop.
  • We are supposed to be a democratic nation and a Democratic Party!


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