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To: Dear Mr. Muhammed Butt – Leader of Brent Council,

Keep libraries open in Brent and in the UK

Dear Mr. Muhammed Butt – Leader of Brent Council,

It need reopen all our libraries for our community need and for different culture and religions.

Council closed 6/half libraries and will demolish Willesden Green library to build block of flats for their own profit and make a small space for this library, and sell other libraries. People are more difficult to have place to study/self study/learning/active.

Why is this important?

Libraries is an essential public service for the community/society, especially Brent is one of the most deprive area in London/the UK.

● Library is for the whole community (children, adult, elderly, disable people and for different culture and religions…). Library is the area which let people to gather and have more knowledge about the community/UK/world, study/self study and can join other activity. And

● If you have doubt about things, you have someone/staff near you. Library make you don’t feel isolation from the community/people and less worry about things if you have doubt on them.

● Library is good for the community, Councils close local libraries; it is inconvenience for people and isolate them, especially in Labour councils run/create deprived area. Children, elderly, disable people….are difficult to go any further and some can’t/don’t go any further as well - Culture issue….and save money for living.

 !!! Labour council goal is to make people become more stupid, have no knowledge themselves for the community, the UK, the world. And make them dependent on welfare system for easy to control the area.

!!! Labour council/government are often emphasizes diversity country/borough and give different kind of benefit and housing for the people they need. It is just for inner circle.

For example:
I experience and know deeply about libraries in Brent and in London, and their public service and welfare system… in Brent Council.

London, Brent, United Kingdom

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