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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Keep Lincolnshire Libraries Open

Keep Lincolnshire Libraries Open

Dear Lincolnshire County Council,

We are calling on you to scrap your plans to devastate our library services in Lincolnshire. The cuts could see the closure of 32 of the 47 permanent libraries, as well as the removal of mobile library and home library services.

Our libraries are relied on by so many different members of our community, from children to pensioners. Please rethink your plans and keep our wonderful libraries open.

Why is this important?

The Council plans to cut £2 million from the library budget by 2015. This will lead to the closure of 70% of our permanent libraries, and a reduction in opening hours, mobile library and home library services.

Libraries are a focal point for the whole community. They are a diverse space where children learn to read, pensioners can go to socialise, and free internet access is provided for everyone. They provide access to education and the arts for everyone. We cannot afford to lose them.

The County Council is currently holding a consultation to find out the experiences and opinions of local people. Once you’ve signed the petition, please fill out this Council survey to let the Council know how important your library is to you:

For more information about the consultation and events where you can have your say, please check out this website:

The Council plan to make their decision in September so we still have time! Please sign this petition now to show the Council how much we value our libraries and to apply pressure before the final decision is made.

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries are very important resource, even though I have over 1,500 books I still use the library to read books I don't have. They need to be promoted not cut.
  • Libraries are an important part of a civilised society they provide a wealth of information that can be accessed easily, this is in addition to the normal book lending service ,not to mention the social role that they play. A mobile library has its place in extreme rural locations but, they are an extremely poor substitute for a permanent library.
  • Literacy is essential for everyone and access to a library should be a right not a privilege.


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