To: Winchester City Council

Keep Winchester's roads free from litter!

This campaign has ended.

Keep Winchester's roads free from litter!

Take roadside litter seriously by acknowledging that they have a legal duty to keep our roads clean, they should:

Provide regular litter clearance of ALL the roads in our district. A-roads should be thoroughly cleared at least twice a year and B roads & country lanes should be thoroughly cleared at least once a year.

Provide a simple way in which to report roadside litter hot-spots that results in timely litter picking whilst keeping residents informed about progress at all times.

Provide a schedule on the council website that details when each road is to be litter picked.

Develop an anti-littering strategy in order to discourage people from dropping litter in the first place.

Embrace the new legislation that will allow the owners of cars (that are observed dropping litter) to be fined rather than needing to identify the specific individual responsible.

Why is this important?

Our city is surrounded by beautiful countryside yet the quality of the environment is seriously compromised by the level of litter that is allowed to build up on our roads. Enough is enough.



Reasons for signing

  • I have done regular 'litter picks' in the area where I live. Litter is such a blight and if everyone helped a little bit it would make a HUGE difference.
  • The world - although one easily forgets - is a beautiful place. Our litter despoils it
  • Info notnlikevto see litter alongside our roads, it shows a couldn,t care less attitude from the people who do it. Litter seems to breed litter, so come on Council, please clear it.


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