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To: Abellio ScotRail, Transport Scotland, Scottish Government

Keep Safety Qualified Conductors on Abellio ScotRail Services

Stop any extension of Driver Only Operated Trains. Replace this unsafe method of working by putting a Guard on every service.

Why is this important?

Join the RMT and other Trade Unions in opposition to removing the Guard (Conductor) from Abellio ScotRail services.

The recent incident at East Dumbarton, where a traveller sadly suffered from life changing injuries, shows how unsafe Driver Only Operation has become. In this incident it emerged that a group of teenagers raised the alarm to oncoming trains. This was a incident that could've easily been avoided were there a Guard on the service.

In the 2 weeks leading up to the end of May we found that a Taxi Driver had to assist a wheelchair passenger off a DOO service at Livingston North as there was only a driver on the train and no second person, another issue that could've been resolved were there a Guard on this service.

Further we have seen the ScotRail MD Phil Verster openly tell his employees, via social media,  that if a passenger comes running to the train late then the train must depart on time as it could cause a delay to other services - if you know the industry you will know that delays to services cost money - a example of safety over profit.

Safety before profit delivers safe trains for Scotland's people, the model that Abellio ScotRail want to follow delivers a unsafe method of operation for Scotland's rail users. Indeed the whole project is about two things; 1) cutting ScotRails wage bill and 2) maximising shareholder profit.

Please sign and share this petition widely, join the campaign to keep Scotland's Rail Services Safe.



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