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To: The Chief Executive of Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Stop privatisation in Lewisham and Greenwich Trust

Stop privatisation in Lewisham and Greenwich Trust

Don't outsource the Procurement Department to SERCO

Why is this important?

The GMB union says any privatisation within the NHS should be stopped. It is OUR national health service and should stay that way. But we should be particularly concerned that the Trust are looking to hand over an essential part of its operations to a company which has been under investigation for fraud and one that has had to end other contracts in the NHS.

How it will be delivered

Hand it in to the Trust's board meeting on February the 11th.

University Hospital Lewisham, Lewisham High Street, London, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Outsourcing, especially to crooks like SERCO, has no place in the NHS
  • It is easy just to blaime this Goverment, but the reason trust went bust was due to Labour Goverment PFI deals. Vote and Support People Before Profit putting up candidates in May on No privatisation no cuts agenda. Join the true alternative
  • I remember what so called private investment did to another hospital in Woolwich and how HM Joke tried to get Lewisham to pay.


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