To: Vale of Glamorgan Council

Keep St Paul's Penarth for the community

Keep St Paul's Penarth for the community

Please retain the core purpose and function of the building for community use. The current proposals offer limited scope for extensive community use, and the change to a largely residential site will loose the potential of St Paul's for generations to come.

Why is this important?

St Paul's has been an important site for community cohesion since it was built, not only as a church, but as a community center, arts center and sports club. The mainly residential development of the building will deprive the community of a large and versatile space with the potential to serve the whole of Penarth for many years.

It clearly needs to be re-developed, but the current proposal was agreed without any community consultation, and a previous 2013 consultation gave an overwhelming majority to retain a sole community function. This has been ignored by VoG councilors who have prioritised other agendas.

We are asking the council to demonstrate proper consultation with the community rather than being left to object to a private construction company.

We are suggesting that a far greater space than the proposed rooms are needed for community use and that the current design of residential dwellings are not suitable.

Please sign this petition if you are interested in St Paul's retaining a primary function in serving the broader community for generations to come.

How it will be delivered

This will be delivered to the VoG council and as part of the objection to the current planning application by Newydd and WYG.


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Reasons for signing

  • The council holds over £1million for community facilities associated with the Penarth Heights development. This is sufficient for converting St Pauls, as the Council failed to require Crest Nicholson to replace the Billybanks community centre that they demolished. The new residents have to be engaged in designing a new community project for the entire building.
  • Newydd have not replied to our comments. Not even an acknowledgement. That's how much they care about community consultation!
  • This area of Penarth is already populated without even more flats in the area. There is also a need for the original community space to be returned.


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