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To: Brent Planning

Keep the Good Ship as a music and entertainment venue.

Keep the Good Ship as a music and entertainment venue.

Reject the current planning application by making comments before 19/9/18

Why is this important?

This plan will result of a 50% reduction in "useable" "pub" space. The proposed "cave in the basement" will never become a viable pub or music venue and as planned ground floor ceiling at the rear will be too low to be suitable as a music venue.
So Kilburn will lose its last live music venue. In time the rest of the pub will converted to housing.


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Reasons for signing

  • To stop another local venue, used by the local community, from being snapped up by developers and turned into flats - like the Corib Rest .......
  • It’s the only live music and comedy venue left in Kilburn. The Good Ship is part of Kilburn’s personality and needs to be saved.
  • Kilburn is losing all its arts venues . The arts in Kilburn is what it was all about . Brent Planning have systematically ripped the living heart out of Kilburn by closing venues in Kilburn. I reject any plan to allow this site to be anything other than an entire music/comedy venue


2018-12-14 13:05:36 +0000

Well as predicted Brent Planning were won over by the Developers slick presentation and accepted that the underground “cave” will provide a variable alternative to the current music venue. We know the game here, just as with the Corrib Rest, the developers produce a plan for a pub/music venue which is, to any sane person, not going to provide a space / facility for a viable business. But time and time again these “Trojan Horse” applications get past Brent planning! We know that after a few months the developers will apply to Brent Planning for “change of use” for the “Cave” on grounds that, surprise surprise, it’s proposed use as a music venue is non-viable, and Brent will roll over and grant it. Mention must be made of the Chair of the Planning committee Cllr Denslow’s comment that “Kilburn has enough pubs” so Kilburn won’t miss the Good Ship. So as the curtains are drawn on the last music venue in Kilburn, we invite Cllr James Denslow to turn off the lights.

2018-09-25 23:09:29 +0100

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