To: Brent Planning

Keep the Good Ship as a music and entertainment venue.

Keep the Good Ship as a music and entertainment venue.

Reject the current planning application by making comments before 19/9/18

Why is this important?

This plan will result of a 50% reduction in "useable" "pub" space. The proposed "cave in the basement" will never become a viable pub or music venue and as planned ground floor ceiling at the rear will be too low to be suitable as a music venue.
So Kilburn will lose its last live music venue. In time the rest of the pub will converted to housing.


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Reasons for signing

  • To stop another local venue, used by the local community, from being snapped up by developers and turned into flats - like the Corib Rest .......
  • It’s the only live music and comedy venue left in Kilburn. The Good Ship is part of Kilburn’s personality and needs to be saved.
  • Kilburn is losing all its arts venues . The arts in Kilburn is what it was all about . Brent Planning have systematically ripped the living heart out of Kilburn by closing venues in Kilburn. I reject any plan to allow this site to be anything other than an entire music/comedy venue


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