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To: Mike Tyler (Chair of Governors) Remi Atoyebi (Headteacher)

Keep the name of 'Osmani' School

Keep the name of 'Osmani' School

We request and urge the School's Governing body and Head Teacher to reconsider the decision to change the name of 'Osmani' School to 'Vallance' School. It should be kept as it is.

Why is this important?

Majority of local residents are totally against the decision to change the name of the school without any consultation with the parents or a consensus.

The name Osmani has a significant historical significance and has existed since 1986.

98% children studying at the school are from Bangladeshi community.

The name 'Osmani' is the pride and honour of Bangladeshi history, heritage and culture. There are other names such as- Bangabondhu primary, Shapla primary and Kobi Nazrul primary which exist in Tower Hamlets. All of these school names were decided by Tower Hamlets Council in 1985, and should not be changed arbitrarily.

Cllr Ohid Ahmed

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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Reasons for signing

  • We want keep londond as multicultural city not only specified colour.coz we all build London for better future. I think u will consider my appeal to keep school name by great osmani. Thanks
  • Don't change the name. Dont change the name. Head Teacher is no2 Donold Trump. Shame on you Remi.
  • It's shocking and discgraceful!!!


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