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To: Home Secretary Theresa May

Keep the UK in the ECHR

Keep the UK in the ECHR

Abandon discussion of the possibility of the UK leaving the European Convention on Human Rights and recognise the great advances that it has brought to Human Rights in the UK since its inception.

Why is this important?

The political conversation being had at the moment is skewed towards reducing, removing or abandoning key components of our Human Rights legislation and we disapprove of this.

It was a Conservative Party pledge to replace the UK Human Rights Act (1998) with a British Bill of Rights. The reasoning behind it was to reclaim sovereignty for the nation-state with regards to Human Rights. In doing so, all those concerned have shown a fundamental lack of knowledge about how the EU, the ECHR, and the British legal system, interface with one another.

Not only do we think the British Human Rights Act does a good job at protecting the British people's fundamental rights and liberties, we think the further guarantee of a European level is useful to ensure that human rights are respected and developed. To not be part of the ECHR would be to be in the same boat as Belarus, Europe's last formal dictatorship. Britain is greater than that.



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