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To: Damian Hinds MP Secretary of State for Education

Lack of Recycling Budget in Schools

Lack of Recycling Budget in Schools

Please provide a budget to schools for recycling waste materials - batteries, plastics, tetra packs, paper & card, metals, glass, oils and other materials.

Why is this important?

Many schools don't have a recycling budget and can't afford to recycle. Even batteries end up in landfill. Recycling is important to reduce environmental and habitat damage and global warming. It also helps to reuse resources and materials that are valuable and take a lot of energy to produce and are in limited supply.
The school curriculum teaches students environmental protection, global warming, recycling and sustainable use of resources. Yet this is not seen in practice. Schools are not setting a good example to students.


Reasons for signing

  • Actions speak louder than words. A curriculum that teaches environmental sustainability is meaningless is schools do not demonstrate this in practice.


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