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To: NHS England

Don't refuse to treat Lance Corporal Callum Brown

Don't refuse to treat Lance Corporal Callum Brown

Lance Corporal Callum Brown has been told the English NHS will no longer foot the bill for his treatment at hospital specialising in military casualties. This guy fought for the British army (England, Scotland, N Ireland, Wales) he should be treated without cause or delay

Why is this important?

These guys fight for our very own freedom the fact he is Scottish shouldn't even come into this. He's a human first and foremost NHS England should hang their head in shame, this is pathetic and will not be tolerated simply discrimination to a fellow human being.

'This is the ultimate slap in the face' Former soldier lost his legs in Afghanistan but Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham will no longer treat him because he's Scottish.


Reasons for signing

  • Update needed on this tragic case.
  • Callum is my son, he deserves; he's fought for Britain he's owed this.
  • I have seen the suffering this gentleman has had from the very second he got injured, I was his combat medic and he is my brother in-law to see a fellow brother being striped of his rights and what he truly deserves make me sick to my core. He needs our support.


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