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Legal breaks for live-in carer's

Legal breaks for live-in carer's

Make it legal that all live-in care agency give minium break of 2-3 hours per day and there should be a waking sleep carer during the night

Why is this important?

Make it legally binding that all live-in care work, whether private or through an agency ensure a 2 hour minimum break per day for carers. There should also be a waking night carer throughout the night if necessary.Many carers are exploited by care agencies and private employers as there are no fixed rules for breaks. Most live-in carers are too afraid to speak up in case they lose their job or get bad references. It is very common for carers to work up to 16 hours a day, plus getting up during the night. Most carers get paid from £65 to £95 per day and are still expected to have a happy disposition and fulfill all their duties - often without breaks. Slavery was abolished in the UK nearly 200 years ago. Please stop live in care givers being exploited and invisible and give them the voice and rights they deserve.


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  • Because I’m a live in carer


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