To: RMG (Residential Management Group)

Let Children Be Children and Allow Them to Play Out on their Street!!

Let Children Be Children and Allow Them to Play Out on their Street!!

Change their rule that "children do not play on the street," at Calico Crescent in Stalybridge.

Why is this important?

Children need to play outside! They need to be allowed to be children!
In a day and age where computer games and a sedentary lifestyle are the norm, and obesity rates are rising, it is ridiculous for the RMG to try and implement this rule.
On a 'family' estate, where lots of children live, it is completely unreasonable to ask that children don't play out together, and enjoy the area that they live in.
These are good kids. They are not doing any harm, or being naughty or disrespectful. They are simply being children and having fun.
Whilst children should be appropriately supervised and stick to rules and safety measures, they shouldn't be couped up like prisoners. The world is full of enough zombies who stare at screens all day and night and I used to love playing out on our road as a kid. Some of my happiest memories were made that way. If you agree with even a small part of this, please sign the petition before this country becomes even more ridiculous!

Carrbrook, Stalybridge

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Reasons for signing

  • Imagine the streets without kids on their new bikes on Xmas day ! ridiculous !
  • I am speechless! Did the complainants, (who I suspect are active directors of the management company who " coincidentally" live on Calico Crescent,) never play out on their street when they were children? If you don't want to see or hear children playing don't move to what is obviously an estate where families will be living. NIMBY springs to mind. I remember distinctly visiting the sales office when the estate was being built and being told it would be ideal for families with children.
  • How dare the council prevent children playing out near their own houses. For children to develop into members of a community or society as a whole they need to play together to learn to interact, communicate, teamwork PLUS they get exercise and fresh air. I'd leery them play out and film the police arresting a bunch of 6yr olds. Media will eat that up!


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Thank you so much for all of your support, so far!
Please keep signing and sharing and, if you're a resident, please contact RMG so your voice is heard.

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