To: Edinburgh Council

Let's Talk About Darryl.....

Let's Talk About Darryl.....

Darryl is Scottish and in his 40s. He can be found most nights outside Margiotta in Dundas Street. He is propped up against the wall with his dog. His scalp is blemished. He recently injured his hip and is in ongoing pain. In the months I have known him - and I salve my conscience by giving him money, coats etc. - his situation hasn't changed. He has remained homeless. He accepts it with a stoicism that is mind-blowing. He deserves better. He deserves help.

Why is this important?

Darryl could be any one of hundreds of people in this city.

He has clearly fallen through the cracks and is caught up in some Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare.

He needs a home. He is not alone.


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