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To: The Duke of Buccleuch

Let the Telfers keep their home and business


We won! Tenant farmers, David and Alison Telfer have won their fight against eviction from their farm. An agreement has been reached and the Telfers are able to remain in their home until retirement.

Joan McAlpine MSP, who had been fighting to let the Telfers remain, had this to say about our petition:

"I'd also like to thank the organisers of the 38 Degrees petition who gathered 89,000 names of people who wanted to support Alison and David."

Allow them to remain working their farm until planned retirement in 4 years.

Why is this important?

David and Alison Telfer had always been led to believe they would remain on their farm at Cleuchfoot until retirement. But now they're being moved off their family farm so that the Duke can cash in on a grant to grow timber.

A Forestry Grant Scheme has allowed landowners to benefit financially at the expense of tenants. And unfortunately, due to the practice of issuing short term leases, the current Duke can terminate the Telfers' tenancy whenever he wishes. So the Duke has split their farm into two lots for sale and is removing part of it imminently.This month they are being forced off a major part of their farm.

They have had their case brought into the public domain and this has caused embarrassment for the Duke. A public meeting , held in Langholm, to discuss afforestation created overwhelming support for those such as the Telfers and acceptance by the Estate that there had been a lack of proper consultation.

Their case has been raised at Holyrood and the chairman of the Scottish Land Commission has criticised the treatment of the couple. Please support the Telfers, who've leased the farm for over 20 years to remain on their farm until their planned retirement in a few years time.

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