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Lord Sewel to be stripped of all honours

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Barbara Schaefer
Lord Sewel to be stripped of all honours

Given the evidence presented in the papers today, and with even a police investigation pending, Lord Sewel should be barred from the House of Lords and stripped of all honours.

Why is this important?

He has ridiculed the system the standards of which he allegedly monitored.


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  • What a joke ! A lord of he's nut!
  • Sewel was raised to the peerage and is only a life peer. What can be given should equally be taken away. If other public servants [police, social workers etc.] had brought their services into disrepute in the way he has they would have forfeited their jobs, their pensions and any other benefit they had accrued from their employment. Withdrawing his peerage is the only thing that would seriously affect this sneering, self-righteous, sanctimonious over privileged man


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2015-07-29 23:09:39 +0100

Lord Sewel has resigned from the House. I read that means he keeps the peerage. However, his evident behaviour was such that I feel this is not sustainable. Whether or not he receives a prison sentence (a reason to strip him of the honours) seems secondary to his violation of basic decency. That means at present, I would like to have the petition continue with the aim to see him stripped of these honours.

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