To: Chester Council

Lower bus fares in Chester

Lower bus fares in Chester

Lower the bus fares in Chester to a fair price for all areas.
Some areas are far more expensive to travel to with not much more distance travelled.
Fares to be re-looked at and lowered.

Why is this important?

Why are the bus fares in Chester so varied?
Blacon to the bus station is around £2 all day travel to travel 2 miles in distance, but from Kingsway to the centre costs £3.40 all day travel and its only an extra 0.6 of a mile in travel how can it cost this much?
I could get to Ellesmere port from Chester at £4 all day travel and you are travelling 6 miles! That's only and extra 60p and I am travelling an extra 4 miles in distance!!!
Who has worked these fares out?? And how can 0.6 of a mile cost more then 4 miles?!
I do not understand how they work the bus fares out and why certain places are charged way more.
Fares need re looking at and a fairer price needs to be set. Not adding an extra £1.40 to travel just over half a mile but to travel an extra 4 miles it only costs 60p!
Its ridiculous and something needs to be done.

How it will be delivered

I will email the signatures to the transport correspondent at Chester Council


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