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To: Government

Lower University Tuition Fees to reduce UK debt

Lower University Tuition Fees to reduce UK debt

Universities have been given the right by Government to charge the maximum for University tuition. Graduates are leaving University wanting to get jobs, buy houses and become more independent. Yet more and more graduates cannot afford to do this due to ludicrous tuition fees. They are trapped in a cycle of debt created by high tuition fees. Help our young people to confidently go to University without worrying about being in a cycle of debt after. The Government needs to reduce tuition fees now!

Why is this important?

Students cannot afford tuition fees.
It's not ok for them to have to pay huge debts when they start to earn a living wage.
It is not ok for graduates to have to stay living at home for many years after graduating because they cannot afford to rent or buy.


Reasons for signing

  • Because i passionatley feel that many young people could do so much more if they werent restricted by lack of money.


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