To: Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business

Make a 'worker voice' law in the UK

Make a 'worker voice' law in the UK

Please listen to the recommendation of the Matthew Taylor Review and 'extend the Information and Consultation Regulations to include employees and workers and reduce the threshold for implementation from 10% to 2% of the workforce making the request.'

The UK needs a decent worker voice law.

Why is this important?

Our employment system is creaking under the strain of modern work. It’s not fit for purpose and people (particularly new parents) are slipping through the cracks.

A Government review has ‘recommended’ that if 2% of staff demand to be asked about something - anything from flexible working to a pay rise - it should automatically trigger a formal consultation.

Together, we can push this recommendation into a full blown right. Making it easier for everyone to get better rights and benefits at work.

Can you sign the petition demanding the ‘worker voice’ law gets made?


Reasons for signing

  • Workers rights need to protected and not eroded.
  • Workers' rights need to be upheld - we do not want to slip back on the decades of work done to secure those rights
  • Everyones' opinions count and should be listened to not just politicians whose decisions are based on what they want not what the people want.


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