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Make adult adoption legal in the UK

Make adult adoption legal in the UK

I want adult adoption to be legal in the UK because when my biological mum died of lung cancer 8 years ago I really missed her. Then my biological dad met candy and they became boyfriend and girlfriend then after that they got married now she is my stepmum and I like to think of her as my mum and I call her my mum too and now I want to make it official and have candy adopt me and have candy be my adopted mum.

Why is this important?

I really think that this is important because many people today do not live in traditional nuclear families; and many children form a stronger bond with a step-parent or relationship with someone of a similar nature as opposed to a biological parent.

It seems, for many reasons, children and their potential adopters don't get the opportunity to discuss and/or execute adoption until the child has reached legal adulthood; and by this point the UK government no longer views the said child as eligible for adoption.
The implications of this are social and legal issues that arise later in life surrounding the relationship between child and, for example, step-parent.
I believe the 2002 UK Adoption and Children Act is outdated for modern day Britain.

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Reasons for signing

  • Want to suprise my step-father for his Christmas with adoption forms, he raised me and should face the title.
  • Because I have two living parents who abandoned me and a woman I met when I was 19 made me feel loved and happy as a parent should
  • Want to suprise my step-father for his birthday with adoption forms, he raised me and he should officially be able to call me his ❤


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