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To: Glasgow City Council

Make Barrowland Park Permanent

Make Barrowland Park Permanent

Change the status of the park from being temporary to permanent.

Why is this important?

Barrowland Park provides a public open space for Glasgow that acted as a key gateway to the east end of the city - on a key route to Commonwealth Games venues.
Barrowland Park is a typical example of what a commonwealth games legacy should be. It cost £725,000 of public money and is an excellent example of what was needed to make the east end of Glasgow more welcoming.
The park is well used and many visitors from all over the country as well as locals have commented on how it enhances the Gallowgate. To remove the park would be an unbelievable waste of public money!


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Reasons for signing

  • I BELIEVE there should be space for the children and a good place to play and learn. Our area is threatened by a builder so we know what it is like. Kathleen for ...Save Faskine and Woodhall Greenbelt.... (Monklands) see Facebook petition . Perhaps you could sign and help us too. thanks
  • I like it.
  • Many tourists visit the Barrowland park throughout the whole year. I have also seen events take place there and people enjoy the sun during good weather.


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