To: Anne Milton

Make the UK's energy cleaner

Make the UK's energy cleaner

We want for the government to discuss Britain's energy sources and less greenhouse gas emissions. We want more wind powered energy and put more focus put on to making sure our stunning and fertile environment stay sustained and beautiful for future generations.

Why is this important?

It is important because as humans it is our duty to protect the Earth and preserve it for future generations. If we do not act soon our thriving environment will deteriorate before our eyes so therefor we appeal to the government to invest into more into green energy so that we can have a secure future.
It is also of economic importance because if we do not make the change to sustainability now other countries will over take us in technology and we will no longer be a pioneering country. Even if the fossil fuels will last us in the short term at some point we will have to make the change so why not do it now and save the environment while your at it?
Air pollution has already proven its self destructive to our health and unless in the future we all want to wear filter masks we need to reduce our CO2 outputs now.
We would like stricter regulations on energy companies and more renewable energy sources to support our growing demand.
If you want a sustainable future please sign our petition.

How it will be delivered

We will be able to present this petition to our local MP Anne Milton in hope that she and the government will take notice and review our request for more time and investment put into creating greener and more sustainable energy sources for the United Kingdom.

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