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To: High Peak Planning & Derbyshire Highways

Make Green Lane Safe to Walk!

Make Green Lane Safe to Walk!

Provide a safe walking route for pedestrians up Green Lane, Chinley.

Why is this important?

There is no footway and both traffic volume and numbers of pedestrians are increasing greatly because of the Forge Road housing developments.

This petition is being run by a local political party, not a member of the public. 38 Degrees is independent of all political parties.

Chinley, High Peak

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Reasons for signing

  • Our son attends the Chinley Day Nursery and when walking him to and from the Nursery I can't help feeling unsafe along the stretch of road without pavement when cars approach quickly round the sharp corner over the bridge. I also worry about the many other parents and children walking along that road every day.
  • Because i am worried about Helen's safety....she isn't often let out on her own
  • The development has expanded beyond original plans with no apparent plan for additional access or improved pedestrian support given the large number of young families within the development. Wainhomes, the District Council and the government planning office have a moral obligation. The situation must be improved before something dreadful happens.


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