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To: Lewes Town Council

Make Lewes a TTIP Free Zone

Make Lewes a TTIP Free Zone

Lewes is a 'Transition Town' that supports Green energy, local procurement, farmers' market, spaces for young people. To declare our wish to protect these policies we need to declare the town a TTIP Free Zone

Why is this important?

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is being negotiated in strict secrecy. But what is known about the content places the needs of multi-national corporations above the needs of citizens with inherent threat to the environment and to health. Academics have warned the treaty will entrench inequality and lower consumer safety standards. Brighton and Hastings have already declared as TTIP Free Zones. Let Lewes, the County Town of East Sussex, join with them.

Lewes Town Council, High Street, Lewes, England

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this because Liam Fox is a self serving fascist.


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