To: Government


Do your job properly, based on facts not what you assume to be the fact, listen and stop judging, There needs to be fully qualified person involved if examinations are to take place. Stop discriminating; and the panel should have at least one disabled person on it.

Why is this important?

You're messing with peoples lives and this system is wrong and cruel and was invented by someone who couldnt care less. I lost my job because the NHS did not give me my treatment when i needed it, I was awarded DLA indefinately then it was taken away when PIP took over, I'm now in £7,000 worth of dept because i had to buy my mobility car as i cant use public transport. I have an outwork job which pays below the minimum wage but its work, I want to work but i also need help. but i; like millions of others don't seem to matter. This system is not fair and needs to be changed.


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Reasons for signing

  • im trying to kill myself as i cannot go through this again,,didant eat for 4 days,but just made me sick too much,im only 9 stone (bmi 17) thinking of going coverd in peterol,,im going to die,,im not going through it again,,i will lose my house if i fail this time after 27 years here.
  • The system needs a serious change
  • The system is wrong and corrupt


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