To: The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

Make School Uniforms Affordable for All

Make School Uniforms Affordable for All

We would like to bring about change by enforcing schools to allow pupils to wear basic and affordable uniforms from retailers of their choice, whilst still maintaining a smart and adequate appearance.

Why is this important?

Many families across the UK are already struggling financially.

Just this week, many pupils were turned away from various Local Comprehensive Schools due to not wearing the updated and inflated priced trousers/skirts available only at exclusive school wear shops (this is also in breach of the 'Competion act').

Children are being excluded and left feeling humiliated and oustricised because they're from poorer or struggling families who are getting further into debt trying to purchase these ever changing requirements. This not only deeply affects a families finances, but also adds to stress within the family home, creating knock on effects.

Schools were once about education, not business and profit making. A smart uniform displaying one logo on the blazer/jumper was enough and didn't affect a childs education - PE kits were also once plain and simple - Legislation states that Uniform should be affordable for all.

We are asking you to join us in this cause and help make it illegal for schools to force these unnecessary changes, and keep the cost of uniform affordable for all. A plain smart uniform is adequate enough.


Reasons for signing

  • Because school uniforms should be cheaper some family’s can barely afford it like us
  • The cost of uniform from our specialist provider is between 30-50% more expensive than M&S, the quality poo, and you have to pay for returns postage.
  • My mother was a widow and brought up four children on benefits. My uncle gave us £10 (a lot of money in 1951) to buy what I needed. When I left school in 1956 I was wearing the same school blazer which was halfway up my arms. We couldn't afford a replacement


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