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To: Surrey County Council

Make Staines Adult Learning Centre An Asset Of Community Value!

Make Staines Adult Learning Centre An Asset Of Community Value!

On the 16th September we (residents of Runnymede Eco village, members of love activists and action factory collective) entered into the abandoned staines adult learning centre.

Here, we formed Four Seasons Community Co-Operative who intend on revitalising an asset of community value (ACV) which was closed approximately 8-10 years ago because, as residents have informed us, the council could not get planning permission to construct a lift in the building for disable access.

We firmly believe that the building was unjustly removed from the local community to be sold off privately for profit, only to further the lack of social support within the area.

We aim to work along side the local residents to see the property granted status as an asset of community value, purchased by and reborn as a cohesive part of the staines community.

Why is this important?

Until the locals decide upon a solid direction we can facilitate we are; creating an urban garden in the front of the building, constructing a free library/bookshop and free shop, organising free workshops/Skill share's and teaching trade and also providing a free cafe/space to come and just have a chat.

We would like to create a housing co-operative within the community driven framework. We intend for this to empower disadvantaged young people to take control of their lives in a secure, exciting and dynamic manner. All within a voluntarily sustained social centre. Creating a 3-Dimensional community hub!


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