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To: Mayor of London

Safer A23 in Streatham Campaign

The entire length of the A23 through Streatham should be improved and the public, pedestrian environment upgraded.

Speed restriction measures must be implemented. Signs showing the speed limit is 30mph (and enforce 20mph in certain sections) along with speed cameras and/or speed bumps, more pedestrian crossings and a cycle lane.

Why is this important?

There is, on average, a significant incident every four days, with someone being fatally or seriously injured every month on Streatham High Road. The road is trying to serve too many purposes. It’s a commuter route, a haulier route, a bus route as well as a busy shopping street. These needs are incompatible.

Drivers see the wide road, 3 lanes and lack of speed signs and treat it as a dual carriageway. Research shows half of them break the 30mph speed limit.

On the other hand, residents see it as their High Street and dart between cars to make it to the middle section where they stand between six lanes of traffic before making the final dash to Sainsbury’s to pick up some milk.

Streatham’s population is growing. There’s the redevelopment of the bowling alley and work’s started on Caesar’s. This is brilliant and such an exciting time for the area but it will only make the risks of the A23 greater.

There seems to be a lot of chat on this issue but no action. Lambeth remains London’s deadliest borough with more people dying in Lambeth than anywhere else in London.

**Please note this petition is not party political. We have cross-party support. Your contact details will NOT be shared with anyone.**

How it will be delivered

The first step is to sign this petition.

And then share it and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.
@A23Safety - with the hashtags #Streatham and #A23Safety. Tweet us your concerns and any accidents/ incidents you see on the road.

The Facebook group is called 'Safer A23 in Streatham Campaign'

Streatham, London Borough of Lambeth

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Great article in the South London Press on the petition:

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