To: Rutland County Council

Make the A606 safer

Make the A606 safer

Langham is a village that is cut in two by the Oakham bypass (A606).

This causes two major problems
1) Danger in crossing the road for pedestrians, especially the elderly, the young and the infirm
2) Segregation and isolation within the village where 32% of residents cannot safely access the village amenities on the opposite side of the A606, including school, places of worship and community activities

The solution is to calm the traffic and to allow for safe access along and across the A606.

We recommend three interventions:
1. A speed limit of 20mph is imposed on the A606 though Langham with
• improved signage to slow traffic before entering this area and
• speed cameras to ensure adherence
2. A controlled crossing – location as directed by RCC highways
3. Additional pavement along the A606 to enable access

Why is this important?

It's frightening, trying to cross the A606 to get to the heart of the village, even if you are a fit and healthy adult. The roads and footpaths are narrow, and a great volume of traffic including a large proportion of HGVs goes through the village.

If you are a parent of small children, a vulnerable adult, or simply trying to cross with your dog, it is difficult and feels unsafe to cross the busy road. Our proposal to Rutland County Council contains many accounts of injuries sustained and 'near misses' when people have, as they say, 'taken their life into their own hands' crossing the road.

Our proposal for improved footpaths, crossings and a reduced speed limit for such a short section of the A606, would have a tiny impact or drivers, yet an immeasurable improvement in quality of life and peace of mind for the residents of our lovely village.

Langham, Rutland

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Reasons for signing

  • Very unsafe, something needs to be done
  • So busy I'm scared of getting knocked over like a friend did!
  • For the safety of the parents and pupils


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