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To: Historic England

Save The KPH from imminent closure

Save The KPH from imminent closure

This petition was created by the members of KPH United, a non-profit distributing unincorporated body set up by the community in 2014. Membership is predominantly made up of local residents who frequent the pub, as well as musicians and performers who have played here, and supporters from further afield who enjoy the pub’s unique atmosphere.

We understand that an application to have The KPH (Kensington Park Hotel) listed as a building of historic interest has recently been submitted. We urgently request a site visit and inspection of the premises prior to a Court of Appeal Hearing on 17 March 2016.

Why is this important?

As a cultural hub that has long served the local community and embraces all cultures around Ladbroke Grove, The KPH has been listed as Asset of Community Value by the local authority. However, we feel that more protection of this unique venue is required in order to safeguard it against closure and unsympathetic development. Situated in an area of high property value, developers have spent two years running an aggressive legal campaign to rid the venue of its current manager and redevelop it for sale to an estate agent.

The case is particularly urgent due to a complication arising from a legal dispute between the current manager, Vince Power, and the freeholder, SWA Developments Ltd. If an appeal hearing on 17 March 2016 is decided in favour of the latter, The KPH faces immediate closure.

The KPH has been a pub and entertainment venue for 150 years and is located on a busy junction on Ladbroke Grove. It borders on what used to be the slums of Notting Dale and North Kensington and is in walking distance of world-famous Portobello Road and the more affluent streets of Notting Hill and Holland Park. It has a colourful past of serving famous and notorious patrons, from John Christie to The Clash. Under its current management, The KPH has succeeded in attracting members of the area’s diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, warmly welcoming new arrivals as well as long-standing regulars from the Irish and West Indian communities.

There are already too many examples of pubs closing in the area. Even if the facades are kept intact, conversions into supermarkets, estate agents and luxury flats have a lasting effect on the neighbourhood’s distinctive look and feel. This particular section of Ladbroke Grove has retained some significant original features and is in danger of irrevocably losing its distinctive character.

The KPH is one of many pubs facing closure in the current climate of aggressive property development. According to CAMRA statistics, 29 pubs are closed every week across the UK. Music venues face a similar fate, and the Music Venue trust is at the core of a campaigne to protect grassroots music venues like The KPH. Unfortunately, the anticipated legislative changes may come too late for the KPH.

Please sign and share this petition asap.

How it will be delivered

We only have a month to support the application to have The KPH listed as a building of historic interest before Vince Power defends his right to appeal at the court. We hope to achieve a good response and will submit interim results as soon as the first 1,000 signatures have been received.
The campaign will continue until a representative of Historic England has visited the site and a final decision has been made.


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Our campaign was featured on the ITV London News tonight

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