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To: The Government

Make Zero-Hour Contracts Illegal in all Sectors of Work

Make Zero-Hour Contracts Illegal in all Sectors of Work

Dear Minister for Employment,
Please consider making these kind of contracts illegal. In a modern Western European economy there is no place for such backward-looking contracts. They offer no job stability nor allow those who are given them any chance of creating a life: you can't get a housing tenancy, loan, etc.

Why is this important?

It's important as greater numbers of people are being offered these contracts and a higher percentage of these people are young. If we don't provide decent working contracts for young people they have no hope for the future, and this is detrimental to a feel-good factor in an economic recovery. It is also treating people as commodities.


Reasons for signing

  • Employment poverty has increased disproportionate to that of general living standards. Zero hour contracts offer zero growth for the employee.
  • Being given a permanent contract caused me to give up 3 hours work in a city a long way from home. But, yes, you guessed, since 2010 I have not had one single hour of work...what am I supposed to do? And this is a large employer, one of the largest in the city. Zero hours has meant exactly that. So how do I survive???
  • Security of work can ensure stability of so much else in somebody's life - and hence in society.


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