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To: To all in United Kingdom Parliament, Theresa May Prime minister

Mandatory training in ALL areas of domestic abuse for Family courts &Cafcass

We call upon the Prime Minister Theresa May and UK Parliament to Make it Mandatory to train ALL Judiciary, Family court and Cafcass (the voice of the children) in ALL areas of domestic abuse including : Stalking, Coercive control, Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Economic abuse, FGM, Gaslighting, and Harassment.

We ask that this includes the effects of domestic abuse on the family experiencing it directly or indirectly. Currently the Family court and Cafcass have between 70-90% of their cases related to domestic abuse yet NOT trained.

No other job do I know of that let’s untrained people make life changing decisions. I have experienced both the criminal and family courts due to domestic violence and abuse and I am shocked at the difference of how they treat survivors and children.

Domestic abuse knows no colour, sex, race or religion and it is rife throughout all.

The economy is massively effected as are mental health agencies, nhs and many more due to domestic abuse and the effects on all family members. Police are under more strain and have a call every 30 seconds in our country related to domestic abuse. It is an EPIDEMIC.

1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse, 1 in 5 children and 1 in 6 men in the UK yet only 1/3 of abuse is ever reported. 2 women a week are killed due to domestic abuse and violence. Yet our government is closing more refuges and funding that provides safety and suport.

Training all as mentioned above will create informed decisions which in turn creates better decisions for all involved. Sadly a lot of cases results and the actual court process are enabling further abuse of the victim and or children.

Please make it law that in cases of domestic abuse (any form) more than the previous year events are allowed as evidence. Currently anything over a year is viewed by courts as historic and not allowed yet the very nature of domestic abuse mostly happens over a longer period of time, this is vital that it be taken into account and that when orders are given if a breach occurs there is better consequences including the order given can automatically be extended.

We also ask that all legal aid (when needed) is approved for victims of domestic abuse cases PRIOR to attending court as many people including myself have waited months even a year and had to go to court without representation when in the same room as our abuser to represent ourselves.

This gives a very unfair advantage to the abuser in some cases.

We ask the training to be overseen by an outside qualified agency such as Safe lives or Woman’s aid and also involve hearing from survivors of each area of domestic abuse that has experienced that area and the court system (giving a true reflection) The training should then be updated and refreshed yearly and happen before conducting any live cases regarding domestic abuse.

Why is this important?

It is vital for victims and children’s voices to be heard, supported and truly understood.

Only then can informed decisions be made for the people involved and safety be paramount.

This is sadly not happening currently and the statistics continue to grow.

Please see latest report on family courts and domestic abuse conducted by the APPG inquiry

We need to unite and help stamp out abuse and suport the victims and children when they need it the most. Thank you.


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