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Mental Health waiting times

Mental Health waiting times

In 2015 the government introduced waiting times for mental health patients needing talking and other therapies, would wait a maximum of 18 weeks for treatment and that 75% of people would be treated within 6 weeks. Further improvements to be made by 2020, this is too long and the current waiting time needs to be reduced. The government needs to take action.

Why is this important?

When people are suffering from mental health issues, many times they have tried to help themselves first and as a final resort try to get professional help. To be told you have to wait between 6-18 weeks can be catastrophic for some people, who simply can’t function properly in their day to day lives. It must be nothing short of torture living with a mental health issue, in addition to the potential financial worries and toll it can take on the individuals immediate family. Untreated mental health issues can lead to other mental and physical issues, alcohol and drug abuse and death. It’s never too early to get help but it can be too late.




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