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To: Glasgow City Council

Merchant City Park

The community of the Merchant City and Trongate is campaigning for the 69-97 Ingram Street car park to be transformed into a City Park.

In line with Glasgow City Council Strategies for Development and Regeneration, we are calling for a much-needed green space in the heart of the City Centre.

Why is this important?

Glasgow City Centre is seriously lacking in green spaces. A City Park, built a mere 5 minutes’ walk from George Square, surrounded by lovely local cafés and restaurants, will be an invaluable boost to our wonderful city.

Merchant City & Trongate Community Council (MCTCC), following the withdrawal of a Planning Application for an hotel at the Ingram Street Car Park, agreed that a City Park would be the best use of this site. A City Park on this site would protect the beautiful world-renowned Fruitmarket Mural by Smug, which has become a much-visited sight of the city, and the existing stunning mature cherry and chestnut trees.

With both a world-renowned piece of art and existing mature trees, this site could be an oasis of peace and beauty in a historic part of Glasgow. The City Park would be entirely inclusive, open for residents, visitors, tourists and the wider general public. People could simply relax in nature, rest, read, meet up, mix, chat, walk the dog or play games. All right in the City Centre of Glasgow.

How it will be delivered

With your support, we can put pressure on Glasgow City Council to transform this car park for the better of the local community and the wider city. With your support we can create a beautiful park with wonderful Cherry and chestnut trees and a world-renowned mural in the heart of a historic part of Glasgow.

Glasgow, UK

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2022-06-17 11:34:52 +0100

We have until Tuesday 21st June to lodge objections to the proposed development at 65-97 Ingram St, and we need your help!

Please visit our website for info on how to lodge an objection

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