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Milk - Plastic OUT Glass IN

Milk - Plastic OUT Glass IN

Sign a petition to get a time line for the abolition of the use of plastic bottles in the milk and dairy industry. (Quite possible the water industry too eventually!! But let's start with milk !!))

Why is this important?

Because there is so much plastic used in the distribution of milk that it is now playing a part in killing marine life/damaging the environmenmt. Of all plastic used it is not the biggest slice of the plastic usage pie, but if we could take one kind of plastic container at a time and replace it with something more agreeable to the environment then we would be one step closer to changing our ways and our minds. We also have had a much better system in the past (glass bottles) so there is a known way of making a substitution. There are also novel new ways of creating containers from all manner of organic materials. Basically it is something relatively do-able that could lead on to a string of do-able container changing projects quite easily. So let's start with getting rid of plastic milk bottles. NOW!! (The picture above is: Ari Jónsson exhibited his biodegradable bottle at a design festival in Reykjavik earlier this month. Recently he came up with a way to create a completely biodegradable water bottle using red algae powder.)


Reasons for signing

  • We need to do this now!
  • To save the wild life !.
  • Because there's no need to use that much plastic in packaging!


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