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To: Stewart Jackson

Mitigation Measures to Property on Peterborough to Spalding Railway Line

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ivan hammond

Mitigation Measures to the Effect of Noise , Vibration & Air Polution from over 20.000 Railway Freight Trains passing our Properties from December 2014 onwards and the projected health and wellbeing of occupiers in the future

Why is this important?

IN Werrington there are over 500 Properties built since 1987 and over 270 Properties in Peakirk that will be within the Noise , Vibration , & Air Polution Para-
-meter's of the New GN & GE Freight Railway Line with no Migation Measures such as Acoustic Fences , Earth Moulding , Landscaping Trees Evergreens , Bushes , Shrubs , Soundproofing to Houses Similar Measures have been installed to other Property Areas in Peterborough

North Werrington &  Peakirk

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