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To: Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council & Gloucestershire County Council



Move Stroud bus station to the London Road car park.

Why is this important?

Stroud's current 'temporary' bus station does not have the facilities a bus station should. Proper shelter, waiting room and cafe are examples. A potentially viable alternative site is London Road car park. Bus stops will remain at the current site, while the new site will become the station proper. If this possibility is to be further explored, support is needed from Stroud residents. This petition gives you the opportunity to lend your support to a cause which could benefit Stroud.

Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Reasons for signing

  • I use the bus to get in and out of town and the location is too far away from the top of town where I shop.
  • Born in Stroud area and the bus station has always been in the wrong place in my opinion!


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